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Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1 Fryer

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The worldwide sensation that is the revolutionary Tefal ActiFry has been enhanced even further with the new Tefal ActiFry 2 in 1. The clever ActiFry lets you to cook guilt-free home-made chips with a single tablespoon of oil, but that's not all as the new 2-in-1 model has an extra tier so you can cook fish, steaks, chops or chicken on the upper tier while your chips, rice onion rings or more cook to a low fat crunch below. Using patented technology, hot air is circulated all around for healthier cuisine with only 3% fat. The upper plate can be removed if required and the clear lid lets you check how things are going. And because there's no oil to filter, it's very easy to clean and emits less odour than other deep fat fryers. The pan and plate are dishwasher safe and a measuring spoon and recipe book are included. Two cooking tiers for making multiple dishes at the same time, easy to use digital controls, make chips with just one tablespoon of oil, cook meat, fish and more on the removable, upper plate, filter ensures an odour free kitchen, easy to clean - the pan and plate are dishwasher safe, recipe book, cooking guide and oil measuring spoon included.