Tefal Actifry Family Low Fat Fryer Limited Edition Black

Tefal Actifry Family Low Fat Fryer Limited Edition Black

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The revolutionary tefal Actifry is the UK's number one selling fryer and its has now got even bigger, 50% bigger in fact as the Tefal ActiFry Family Aw950040 Low Fat Fryer has a 50% larger capacity than the standard Tefal ActiFry. Thanks to its mix of cooking with just one table spoon of oil and super heated air, you can enjoy tasty meals without the guilt, as you will use a faction of the fat when you cook using the ActiFry. Make crunchy chips and yummy fried chicken with just a tiny amount of oil without compromising on taste. This new family size model has a larger 1.5kg capacity.

You can enjoy chips that are just 3% fat and use 100 times less fat than a conventional deep fat fryer, so the foods you used to have just as a treat have now become far more healthy! The ActiFry Family has a fully automatic temperature control, needs no pre-heating, and has a powerful odour filter too. The versatile ActiFry Family allows you to cook a range of foods from fresh and frozen, including sausages, chicken, fish, stir fried vegetables, frozen chips and more.

  • 50% larger capacity, suitable for up to six people
  • Enjoy deep fried food, without the deep frying
  • Only one spoonful of oil to cook 1.5kg of chips
  • Automatic thermostat
  • Unique paddle automatically rotates food, cooking evenly with no need to shake or stir
  • Large steam-free viewing window
  • LCD screen and automatic stop when cooking is finished
  • Pan, paddle and lid are dishwasher safe so cleaning up is quick and easy